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Branding Photoshoot



I love shapes, colour schemes, fonts and lines. Putting them all together whilst listening to a John Mayer album is my idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon. 


I think its important to know what you like, especially when you are creating a brand for a small business. The branding should reflect not only the business but the person behind the big ideas. But thats easier said than done. There's so much that I think about when I'm moving a line back and forth millimetre by millimetre. I know I have a very particular style and I find it difficult to take in other viewpoints and ideas once I've set my mind on something. 


I've had many different ideas for my branding for Roses and Twine including retro stripes, watercolour strokes and ampersands till they come out of your ears. All of which I have loved but fleetingly. I can work on something for a month using different colours and shapes and finally settle on something I don't really like. I feel like I can see exactly what I want in my head but I can never replicate it in real life. I tried drawing, sketching, cutting, gluing, cropping, re-sizing and full on screaming at the computer screen. All of which didn't work. 


So I decided to go back to something that I know and love. Shapes, colour schemes, fonts, lines aaannnddd FLOWERS. Makes sense no? So heres what I came up with in my back garden with a canvas, camera and a few flowers.



I loved seeing this idea evolve as I worked on it. I started with a few flowers on a white sheet that had lovely big creases in it with an ugly yellow light above that created the worst shadows ever. And after going on a manic unsuccessful hunt for a bright white light and photography background, I started to get the creative juices flowing with a big white canvas and a tripod outside the workshop. Simplicity is the key 🔑 




























Doesn't look that glamorous but this was so much fun! In between snaps I was dancing around the canvas with the biggest smile on my face. Especially when I put the fruits on the canvas.... OHHHH! The colours looked so good and the light was perfect! 🙌🏾



Thanks for catching up with me!! 

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